German Piétrain offers the boars HECTOR and MATRIX for various requirements.

HECTOR stands for an excellent growth potential with a very good meat proportion and outstanding feed conversion. The boar for maximum fattening performance!

The MATRIX boar stands for outstanding meat content with a very good potential for growth heredity. The boar for maximum slaughter performance!

All boars provide a very low quota of anomalies, a sustainably impressive homogeneity of the descendants and vitality of the piglets which is simply fits. As an additional benefit, we can provide further quality parameters as additional labels for HECTOR as well as for MATRIX.

Colin for coli resistance against F4 (K88)

Gourmet for outstanding meat quality and the lowest drip loss

Inodorus for boar fattening suitability

Furthermore, we intensively work on the identification of the PRRS resistance characteristics as well as on genomically identifiable indices of vitality. Altogether, an impressive total package for breeders for almost any requirement.